My New Office AND the launch of a Recovery Community Organization

I have known I was going to move my office for quite some time.

Things shifted for me a little over 2 years ago when I began my quest for more JOY in my life (#yearofjoy). 

During that time I realized the most important thing in my life is my recovery from addiction.  I began to seek joy with all my heart and soul and things began to fall into place to set the stage for where I am today, in my new office.

*side note: I will write a whole blog series about what actually happened that year that I didn’t show on social media*

Enter, PATH to Recovery Foundation. An organization that provides support and education for families and loved ones of those who struggle with substance use disorder.

Path to Recovery Logo

I was asked to serve on their board that year and said YES, of course. I got to represent recovery and what it looks like for many families that PATH supports.  It was an honor and has been an honor to be a part of this organization.

As I got more involved, Deb (the Executive Director) and I have been watching and connecting with the recovery community nationwide and seeing how other organizations help those who struggle with addiction. We began to talk all the time and realized we had the same dream, to open a Recovery Community Center. A place that would help both sides of the issue, the person who struggles and the people who love them. 

We found a team of like minded people who got right on stage with us and began meeting and talking about all the things we “could do one day if we had a space to do it.”

It never seemed like it would really happen but we kept dreaming.

People ask me all the time why I got into acupuncture (this is an important piece to the play). I don’t know if I have ever shared the whole story on social media and one day I will but for now a brief story. I was introduced to acupuncture in 2008, right when the world was starting to realize that opioids were an issue. 

I saw people I loved and respected lose everything because they had been prescribed an opioid after a routine surgery or a non traumatic injury. Once I learned about acupuncture and all the things it could help, I knew that my mission on this earth was to help people like me who could not safely take those medications. 

I laid on the table during my first treatment and dreamed of having a clinic dedicated to those who had a history of addiction and mental health issues. 

I went to school and did internships working directly with people who I knew I could help.  

As I graduated, I was scared I wouldn’t “make it’ focusing on the population that I wanted to treat. So I opened my clinic and began working with all sorts of ailments, but always keeping my dream of focusing on recovery and addiction in the back of my mind.

Fast forward to 2020/2021: PATH applied for a grant through DuPage County Health Department that could be the springboard for the fulfillment of our dream of a Recovery Community Organization. We had applied the year before so we weren’t too sure that we would be awarded the grant. And guess what, SPOILER ALERT…. We got it!!!!  

Knowing my lease was coming up and knowing that I wanted to help PATH and continue to be a part of the organization I said, why don’t I look for space that might work for you too!

The universe works in magical ways sometimes, it turned out there was a space that would work in the building I was already in so we jumped at the chance to take it. It became ours in March. During that time I was asked to leave the board and become a part of the Executive Team as the Director of Programming and Recovery Services and again I said YES.

So here we are April 2021 and all our dreams are all coming true. We will officially be opening the Recovery Community Organization on April 19th. 

Where does that leave Joyful Balance Wellness (my acupuncture clinic)???

It leaves it fully functional and ready to go! Nothing changes with Joyful Balance Wellness (other than the location, of course) I will continue to see all types of patients no matter what the issues are. 

I love that aspect of my clinic, in any given day I can see a woman who is having stomach issues, a man who can’t swing a golf club like he used to because of pain, a teenager who is struggling with anxiety and a person who just wants to come to maintain their wellness. It is always an honor to help people from all walks of life and situations.

What is going to change? 

One thing that will change is more of a focus on educating you on how acupuncture can help with mental health, addiction and stress.  If we haven’t learned how impactful those things are on our health in 2020 then we missed the boat.  It is my mission to be more of a voice in that arena. 

The other thing that will change is I will have specific clinic hours dedicated to helping those who struggle with addiction for low cost acupuncture treatments.  Keep an eye out for more info!

I am still trying to figure out how to communicate all of this to people but keep following along as I do my best to navigate this new direction! 

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