about Lauren McLaughlin

all about the JOY!

I went to acupuncture school with one purpose...

to help people who struggle with substance use disorder, mental health and pain.

As soon as I was qualified, I searched for internships with those focuses so I could learn as much as I could. I worked in a Salvation Army in Downtown Minneapolis, I worked with Memory Care residents in a nursing home, I went to New York to work in a methadone treatment center and I traveled to China to study how acupuncture works in hospitals there.

I also fell down the Great Wall of China but that is a story for another day!

joy is my cornerstone

bringing joy each and every day

With great excitement, in 2012, Joyful Balance Wellness was born. I chose the name because my recovery and my life is focused always on Joy. It is the cornerstone of my values and how I work with patients/clients.

My mission is to help others create joy within and lead happier, healthier lives.

Good health and healing is a marathon, rather than a sprint. I am constantly learning what might work and what doesn’t and sharing that with my patients.

Armed with this knowledge, I encourage you to make you own decisions about what is best for your health.

Lauren McLaughlin - Recovery Coach Naperville

Lauren McLaughlin

giving my all

I have found that the most frustrating thing in any type of medicine is when a professional dismisses my experience and tells me I am wrong about how my body feels or reacts to things. I take special care to offer the opposite of that. Listening is a value that I treasure and uphold in my practice. I take time with every patient to hear their story and discover the crucial details that other practitioners may ignore.

I give my all to each person I work with. Despite it being a common acupuncture practice I never double book my clients. I believe you should have access to me the whole time. I want you to experience being the only patient I treat in your time with me. You are special and deserve my undivided attention.

“I am just a vessel of information and knowledge but you are your captain. You live in your body, your body will tell you what you need, if you are willing to listen.”

– Lauren McLaughlin

my drive and inspiration

there is always a back story!

Everyone has their story, mine starts with 14 years of substance and alcohol use. I was living it up! Until it all fell apart.

Technically it fell apart long before I realized that it was falling apart, but that is the nature of addiction. You have no problem until you realize that you have a problem, and then... reality.

If you want to read my recovery story of how I decided that acupuncture was my mission in life (well... as well as dancing in my housecoat) this is your magic button.

credentials and training

Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc.)

  • NCCAOM & State of Illinois
  • Master of Acupuncture, Northwestern Health Sciences University (Bloomington, MN)

Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS)

  • State of Illinois

Whole30 Certified Coach

Acupuncture Detox Specialist (ADS)

  • Lincoln Hospital (New York, NY)

Clinical Aromatherapist (CA)

  • Academy of Natural Health Sciences

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL)

  • Come to Life Project