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create a solid foundation for life

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people
for an extraordinary destiny.”

CS Lewis

what is a recovery coach?

A Recovery Coach (also known as a Sober Coach or Peer Support Specialist) gives you a structured support system to help you build a solid foundation for long term recovery.

Recovery Coaching is similar to life coaching, except for a narrow focus on people who have struggled with Substance Use Disorder, Mental Health issues or Dual Diagnosis now or in the past. It is strength-based and goal-driven to help you live a life of recovery.

Recovery is an ongoing process, so a coach can be hugely beneficial at any time during your journey. Whether you are just coming into recovery, are recently out of treatment or an institution, or someone who has an established recovery and just wants to enhance their life with inspiring, focused support and resources.

recovery coaching with Lauren McLaughlin

bringing joy each and every day

Back in my day… we didn’t have recovery coaches!

But… I so wish they had been around then! Personally I found that it was 2 years into recovery that I really needed more support than I had access to. I was struggling and felt like I was doing it on my own. I eventually got through that time but it’s the reason I jumped to be part of this life changing program - it is my privilege to share what has worked for me to help you achieve a more joyful and successful life.

My recovery coaching is based on the foundation of joy. As a Certified Peer Support Specialist my aim is to guide, remove barriers, and create a space for you to experience the joy of recovery. I love nothing more than to watch my clients flourish and discover what their life of recovery will look like.

Lauren McLaughlin - Recovery Coach Naperville

Lauren McLaughlin LAc., CPRS, ADS, CLYL

“Don’t let the past steal your present.”

– Terri Guillemets

what is the multiple pathways approach?

finding the right path for you

There are many pathways of recovery. What this means is that there are many unique options, services, methodologies and resources for creating a solid foundation that works for you. As your Recovery Coach (Sober Coach) I will support you, in whichever pathways call to you.

I have no judgement on how you want to pursue long term recovery. I am there to support you and provide you with the motivation and resources to get you there.

“There are multiple pathways of addiction recovery and all are cause for celebration”

– William White

are you ready for unbridled support?

four months to begin the rest of your life

Is this the your time to really take your recovery to the next level?

Would it be a relief to have a guide, to walk beside you and hold your hand?

Do you need someone to see you as your potential? Without the baggage of the past?

Book an initial call and let’s talk about where you are at in your journey! If we are a good fit, we can set you up for the 16 week program.

“Experience is not what happens to you,
it is what you do with what happens to you.”

Aldous Huxley

questions about recovery coaching

What is a Peer Recovery Coach?

A peer recovery coach is “your person” throughout the recovery journey, someone who gets you because they too are in recovery, they have overcome similar challenges and experiences as you. They see you as a whole person and hold that space ready for you to step into it, whichever pathway you choose.

A recovery coach is also there as your cheerleader, role model, motivator and advocate. They will help you through the day to day as well as inspiring you to create and achieve your big picture goals. As your sober coach I will teach you how to live in recovery, obtain professional services if needed and guide you to local support resources to ensure you get the support you need to build momentum in these crucial stages of your development.

How does the Recovery Coaching Program work?

In my practice, I offer weekly meetings one-on-one, on either zoom/or in person at my Naperville practice. Together, we create achievable goals and assignments – each one designed to create a foundation for success in your life.

In terms of support, I am also available 24/7 by phone/text or email.

I also offer weekly group meetings so that you can meet others in recovery, share experiences and grow in community.

How long does Recovery Coaching last?

The Recovery Coaching program runs for 16 weeks. 16 weeks is long enough to create a solid foundation and often, some life changing results!

What is Recovery Coaching like?

Recovery Coaching offers a supportive environment that is focused on your strengths and helping you become a productive member of society. The ultimate goal is long term recovery, a life created intentionally and joyfully.

I am there to support you however you want to achieve that.

What does it take to get Peer Recovery Coach Certified?

The process to become Peer Recovery Coach Certified has multiple stages and it does vary from state to state – this is certification process in Illinois.

I am a Certified Peer Support Specialist through the State of Illinois as well as a Recovery Coach Trainer through CCAR.

peer recovery coach training

Are you a recovery success story ready to help others achieve their goals?

Recovery is life changing, it literally changes your life. Each of us follow our own path, and eventually we get to a place where we can move in the world with a freedom, ease and joy that seemed unattainable in the past.

When you get to that place it is natural to want to give back, because you have overcome great challenges and obstacles. You have persevered. You understand what it takes, you are fallible and you have fallen and you have gotten back up, time and time again.

If you are ready to share your life learnings and support others in changing their story, actions and life - Peer Recovery Coach Certification may be the natural next step.

I am a Certified Peer Support Specialist through the State of Illinois as well as a Recovery Coach Trainer through CCAR.

“Trained Recovery Coach” training is made up of a 30 hour course that will be broken up into 4-5 days. I will guide your program in person (in Naperville) or online depending on your location.

Lauren said "I can help you"...
I had tears in my eyes...

I was referred to Lauren about a year after completing breast cancer treatment. I was having some minor post-chemotherapy health issues and issues with Tamoxifen and I wanted to try a holistic approach to manage it.

I still remember the first time I spoke to her on the phone, I explained what I was dealing with, and Lauren said “I can help you” and we scheduled my first appointment. At that moment, I know I had tears in my eyes. Lauren has indeed helped me and my issues are much improved.

She is so caring and she always takes her time to be sure she understands my concerns. I trust her, I am grateful for her help and I would 100% recommend her.

- Ann W.