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what is AcuDetox?

for healing and recovery

AcuDetox is a five-point acupuncture ear protocol specifically designed for those struggling with substance use issues.

It is used worldwide to help people detox from nicotine, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, methamphetamine, and other drugs, as well as to help prevent relapse.

As a treatment option AcuDetox can be done anywhere. Because only five points on the ear are used, patients can be sitting or lying down, in a group or in an individual setting.

When done as a group it can be a powerful healing tool, similar to the healing that happens in recovery meetings.


Benefits of AcuDetox

AcuDetox is used to help with:

  • Physical & Emotional Pain
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Cravings
  • Stress

AcuDetox will help you:

  • Feel Calm & Relaxed
  • Experience Mental Clarity
  • Boost Your Energy
  • Sleep Better
  • Discover Your Inner Strength 


my favorite acupuncture treatment!

AcuDetox is my go-to acupuncture for Addiction, Substance Use Disorder, Stress, Detoxification, Cravings, ADHD, PTSD, Withdrawal Symptoms, Anxiety and Depression.

It is also a powerful tool for mental clarity, relaxation, joy, energy and wellbeing and it can come into effect straight away!

I currently offer individual AcuDetox treatments in my Naperville office, and have community/group treatments coming soon!

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questions about acudetox

How is AcuDetox different to normal acupuncture?

AcuDetox is a standardized acupuncture ear treatment, so it is the same every time for every person.

Regular sessions of acupuncture are completely customized and can address multiple issues in one treatment. Although AcuDetox addresses multiple issues it Is not a custom treatment. However, the points can be incorporated into your acupuncture treatment when required.

What is a session like?

In the comfort of my Naperville clinic the first 15 minutes of your session we will talk discuss what you want to get out of it, and where you are at mentally and physically.

Then you can choose to either be seated or laying down in comfort for the treatment itself.

A private AcuDetox session is one hour and is a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Do the AcuDetox needles hurt?

The quick answer is, NO! Acupuncture needles don’t hurt in general! Under a microscope my acupuncture needle is thinner than a strand of hair. They are not typical needles that you may encounter in life or in the medical profession.

the acupuncture needles are tiny
the acupuncture needles do not hurt
there are virtually no side effects

How many sessions will I need?

Everyone is different, depending on where you are in your journey and what outcome you are looking for with AcuDetox.

Generally however, you may need more sessions, closer together for any early recovery process with substance use or mental health issues. 2-3 times a week initially.

Stay tuned for community AcuDetox sessions which will begin in April/May 2021. This will provide a super affordable option for those who need regular acupuncture ear treatments during periods of great change and healing. 

Do you offer Group AcuDetox in Naperville?
From April/May 2021 I will launch AcuDetox community treatments in Naperville. These are group acupuncture ear treatments held in a calm and quiet environment - with no talking.
Arrive for group AcuDetox sessions during the scheduled time and stay up to 45 minutes for your treatment. It will be done in a large room with other people. The benefits of AcuDetox group treatments is that it creates a powerful energy for all who participate and it is a very affordable treatment too. 

Lauren said "I can help you"...
I had tears in my eyes...

I was referred to Lauren about a year after completing breast cancer treatment. I was having some minor post-chemotherapy health issues and issues with Tamoxifen and I wanted to try a holistic approach to manage it.

I still remember the first time I spoke to her on the phone, I explained what I was dealing with, and Lauren said “I can help you” and we scheduled my first appointment. At that moment, I know I had tears in my eyes. Lauren has indeed helped me and my issues are much improved.

She is so caring and she always takes her time to be sure she understands my concerns. I trust her, I am grateful for her help and I would 100% recommend her.

- Ann W.